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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Booing Lindor. Why?

The Mets fans are at it again. Booing a player of theirs who has signed a big contract and is getting a slow start. Does Francisco Lindor look like he's dogging it? Is he doing what players in the past have done and are spending more time with outside projects/going out than trying to right his game? Does he look like he doesn't care? To all these questions, I say no. Lindor doesn't look like he is or does any of these things.


Francisco Lindor

Lindor’s season did not begin until late April last year after calf and ankle injuries sidelined him for all of spring training, but the four-time All-Star had no trouble hitting once he made it back. 

In his first 15 games, Lindor slashed .263/.306/.474 with four home runs and seven RBI. While his strikeout numbers (14 in 57 at-bats) were higher than usual, he managed a .275 average on batted balls in play. Lindor is a career .276 hitter in March/April who typically surges in May where his average jumps to .309 with a .909 OPS. Lindor had his best 15-game start in 2017, when he hit .328 with a 1.039 OPS and 10 extra-base hits (including four home runs) while striking out just 10 times in 60 at-bats.

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What does SNY say?


Guys it's the first month of the year. The Mets have Lindor for over a decade. You can be frustrated but don't boo our players that don't deserve it. If he was dogging it or didn't care about playing, I kinda get the booing, but cut Lindor some slack for now. This seems like a recurring theme when a star player doesn't light the base paths on fire when they first come to the Mets from another team. Just relax folks. The team will right itself.

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