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Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Honeymoon period and Mets Fans Spending Steve Cohen's Money.


 I have been thinking about something lately and I keep trying to figure out if I am crazy or not. I keep thinking about Mets fans and Steve Cohen. I also think about Mets fans and Steve Cohen's money. Right now there is a huge love fest on twitter since the Mets are now owned by the richest owner in MLB. Steve Cohen has been very public on twitter, joking around, and talking to fans. Mets fans are loving this because of how different the new regime is from the old one. For anyone on twitter, we know this all could changed in an instant. 

 Mets Fans are having a great time fantasizing Steve Cohen's money like it is an open checkbook. "He's worth $14 million and will spend money." What if he doesn't? What if he doesn't spend enough in the fan's eyes? What if Steve Cohen just extends Conforto and signs Trevor Bauer and doesn't do more than that? What if he only give the GM to sign two out free agents and it isn't the two that the fans want? How will the Mets fans react to that? I saw one guy dropped $300 on a Cohen Jersey. If the Mets don't do well and they don't sign every free agent that fan wanted, what happens to that jersey? I rarely listen to sport talk radio, but this week I ran out of podcasts that I listen to and the morning show that is on Sirius was off, so I listened to Gio and Boomer. Boomer was sitting there spending Cohen's money like it was on fire. "Don't worry our owner is worth $14 Billion and can afford these players."

 I think what I am trying to get at is that we all know how fickle NY Mets fans can be. When does the honeymoon with the fans and the Cohen's start to crumble. For me, I am happy we have new ownership. I want the Mets to succeed and I think the organization will get back to being a premiere team and not a laughingstock amongst other cities fans. I am not going to sit here behind my computer or phone and spend another persons money in my head and on the internet. Would it be nice to have all the players that I want? Sure. But I am going to trust the process and not get upset when Steve Cohen is not spending money on Free Agents that I think should be signed. I just know though there are quite a few fans that are going to get angry if they don't get who they perceive are the players that Steve Cohen should be paying for. And just wait if the Mets go on a losing streak. I can just imagine Mets Twitter coming out the Cohens with torches and pitchforks.

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