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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Change of Culture in Flushing with New Ownership


For years we Mets fans have been asking for a change in the culture of the organization. Build a winner. Embrace the history. Be good to the fanbase. From what I heard from both Steve Cohen and from Sandy Alderson that there are going to be changes in these departments. Sure it can all be bubbles and smoke and mirrors to throw us off, but I think we will see more METS stuff being done. I think if they have a chance of adding a piece to get the team over that last hill to have a winner they will do that. I am feeling very positive about this new direction that they are going. As a Mets fan who has been kicked in the teeth in the past, I was worried that Cohen wasn't going to get the team because of the fine he paid to the SEC and because of the lawsuits his hedge fund was up against. The fact that Sandy and Cohen are both saying that they know that all of their employees are the the representation of the team from the Stadium staff to the ballplayers and first office and they all need to be putting their best foot forward is a great thing to hear.

Congrats to new start to this Organization and the Reboot of Greg Prince's ongoing Mets TV Show.

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