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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Mets Fan Old Grouch e-mails the Mets ticketing department.

 Poor Old Grouch. You know the Mets ticket sales staff call him/email him at least once a week and he always has to respond with these emails back to them. I know he gets the calls/emails because he sends me his responses to them sometimes two times or more a week. Old Grouch has also reached out to various main stream media folks with it still being quiet in their response. Old Grouch brings up some great points about selling tickets with the Covid Assurances that some other teams are doing and the Mets haven't brought up.

This is the latest one. 

Subject: ticket plans 

Hello ticket dept.

I guess I am wasting my time but I feel improvements are greatly needed. 

The Red Sox have 4 different 20 game ticket plans and 3 different 10 game plans. All of these plans guarantee the opportunity to buy post season tickets. They all have an exchange program. 

The Yankees have 9, 12, 16 and 20 game plans. There are 4 different 20 game plans and 3 different 16 game plans. There are 2 different 12 game plans. I am not sure about post season access for 9 and 12. But 16 and 20 get post season access.

The Red Sox and Yankees are storied franchises that are putting the Mets ticket dept, to shame. But that does not seem hard to do. The Mets ticket dept. lacks instinct and imagination. The proof is in the attendance. What percentage of your attendance received a steep discount? A high one I would imagine. Every month there is steep discount promotion.

 Cant wait for your lousy location Christmas pack with no post season or other benefits. Should be a huge seller. Keep trying to make those killer salespeople. It is really helping attendance. I think they drive more people away then people that buy.    

Other teams have flex plans for buying 20, 40 and 80 tickets. With post season access. Wake up before Cohen takes a hard look at what a lousy ticket dept. the Mets have. 

Here is another one.


Many teams are doing this. Mr. and Mrs Cohen are being extremely fan friendly. When will the ticket and revenue departments decide to be fan friendly? Is this so hard to do? Be gracious and fan friendly during a pandemic? Don't you want to create good will and sell tickets at the same time? It is not a good look when you refuse to put fan friendly Covid language on your Website for 2021 ticket buyers. The public and Mr. Cohen should be aware of the Met's ticket department not putting fan friendly Covid language on their Website like many other MLB teams.   

Brewers Ticket Assurance

In the event your 2021 seats are impacted due to restricted capacity or reduced number of regular season home games resulting from the pandemic, the Brewers guarantee you will have the option of receiving a credit towards a future purchase or a refund. In the event 2021 home games require reduced seating capacity, Season Ticket Holders are guaranteed seating opportunities before the general public.


Hello Mr. Rieber,

I read your column about Mets and Yankees 2021 tickets. You wrote it is buyer beware because of Covid. You are 100 percent right about that. Other MLB teams such as the Phillies, Pirates and Braves teams are putting 2021 ticket assurances language on their Websites. The Mets and Yankees are not. There are probably many more teams doing this. I only checked 5 or 6 team's Websites.

I have e-mailed the Mets about this and there have been no changes on their Website. I don't think the Mets ticket dept. cares about the health and safety of their fans. They are sales people. Maybe Mr. Cohen will clean house. It was a more fan friendly dept. under Leigh Castergine. 

The Pirates Covid ticket assurance from their Website is below:


It is our commitment to you that you are comfortable with your investment. In light of these uncertain times, the Pirates are pledging to provide assurance to you that your investment in Pirates Baseball will be guaranteed.


The Pirates are committed to implementing health and safety protocols to help minimize risk and maximize your experience at PNC Park. We will be taking the necessary steps and are focused on providing the highest-quality safety measures before, during, and after each game. To help create a safe experience at PNC Park, we are committed to, at minimum, implementing and adhering to the recommendations and guidelines set forth by public health officials.


In the event your 2021 seats are impacted due to restricted capacity or a reduced number of regular season home games resulting from the pandemic, we will do everything possible to provide you the best seat location and season ticket plan that meets your expectation. If we are unable to meet that expectation, you will have the opportunity to use the money on your account towards a different ticket purchase in 2021, a credit for the 2022 season or a refund back to your initial payment method. In the event 2021 home games require reduced seating capacity, Pirates season ticket holders will be guaranteed seating opportunities before the general public.

Thank you, OLD GROUCH

You have the Braves’ guarantee that if any of the games in your A-List Membership are cancelled or have restricted capacity due to COVID-19 that inhibits the use of your specific seats, you have our promise that the value of the impacted games will be credited to your Braves account for future purchases or refunded in the same manner it was obtained.

This is prominently displayed on the Braves Website. Bradley tried to tell me the Mets have it too. He sent me over item # 15 from the digital contract. He did not tell me where it was from. I asked him where it was from because I could not find it on the Mets Website. That is when I found out it was from the digital contract.

Bradley tried to tell me the Phillies do not offer refunds on their Covid policy. It is clear as can be on their Website. This is a typical Bradley move. If this is how the Pittsburgh guys trained him they should be ashamed of themselves. Bradley once again insulted my intelligence. 

Phillies Ticket Assurance Program

Your 2021 ticket purchase is based on Citizens Bank Park operating at full capacity. If, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a game for which you purchased tickets is cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or has restricted capacity that prohibits the specific seats you purchased from being used, the ticket value of the impacted game(s) will be credited towards a future ticket purchase or refunded in the same manner by which the ticket(s) were purchased. Except as expressly stated herein, all sales are final and there are no refunds.

As you can read below from our e-mail exchange below Bradley was wrong and misleading. Bradley read the Phillies language and tried to tell me I was wrong. Bradley has done things like this a few times. He insults my intelligence. He will tell me the ticket offer is only for left field landing and I will say and baseline box. He will say dang I forgot. And when write say i mean e-mail exchange. I have the above conversation in writing.

Customers make pay days possible. Meanwhile the Mets attendance and TV ratings go down every year. Even with huge and varied ticket deals. Why would you not put Covid language on your Website? The Mets ticket dept. is too sales oriented and not customer friendly. I don't need some kid from Georgia insulting my intelligence. .I am a 63 year old man that has worked for some of the largest companies in the world. I have a low overhead and money in the bank, but I will spend it somewhere else. If the Mets get Covid language on their Website I will buy. Have someone else call me. Not X. Please tell X not to contact me. Bradley has talked down to me for the last time. I am not reading his misleading lies ever again. Please read classic X below. This is a normal Bradley exchange. Lies. And if I call him out on it on the phone he speaks down to me with disdain. No more. I asked Steve to get me a new rep. He never did it. 


 Mon, Nov 2, 12:22 PM (18 hours ago)
Bradley, That language does not compare to other teams. It is not fan friendly. It states sole discretion of the Mets and is buried. It is not prominently displ
X Mon, Nov 2, 12:36 PM (18 hours ago)
that policy from the Phillies states that all sales are final and there are no refunds. The only option is an account credit whereas the Mets are first providin
Mon, Nov 2, 12:47 PM (18 hours ago)
to X
Except as expressly stated herein, all sales are final and there are no refunds.  

They expressly stated that if you don't get your exact seats you can get a refund or credit. 

Mediagoon back now. The Mets ticket sales staff does need to be retrained. I have some great reps over the years but many of them that I have dealt with have been jerks or not trained well. My lest rep before I gave up my 1/2 season seats in 102 wasn't even trained when she was promoted. I had to help her with the right ways on how to deal with fans/customers and she was very appreciative of that. She cared about the fans/accounts but wasn't given the tools to succeed at first. It seems like that was a problem for quite a few fans dealing with their reps. Hopefully when this new ownership regime fully immerses itself into the organization things will change.



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