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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Job Well Done By Chris Flexen in the KBO


 I stand by the fact that Chris got a raw deal with the Mets while playing for them. There would be times where he would get called up from the minors and not get to pitch then be sent back down then be called up again. He was up and down so much that he could have been nicknamed YOYO. 
When I heard that Chris was cut by the Mets and that he signed over in South Korea to the Korean Baseball Organization i was intrigued. I thought that this change of venue and being able to pitch consistently would help out big for Chris's stock back over here in Major League Baseball. 

 What fans tend to forget is that the players on the field are people too. They think that the stuff they say to them has no bearing on the players. Sitting in a crowd yelling out players was like the original Twitter. You could scream and shout unkind things to players and they would never see who it was. They would say this player suck or is a POS. I met Chris and his Father on the set of Gotham a few years ago and helped show them around. Chris and his Dad are both awesome people just so you know. Chris came to QBC 2018 because he wanted to help us out by being one of our first guests who were currently playing for the Mets. We never had a current playing Mets player before and  appreciated him wanting to be that player for us. The same QBC we would also have Brandon Nimmo along with Chris and it is still my favorite QBC so far. I have hung out with Chris's Mom and his fiancĂ©e both awesome people too. You can see why Chris is such a good guy with the family he has.

I just wanted to say here on my blog that Chris could have given up at anytime, he didn't have to go to Korea to play. He could have just been someone who bounced from MLB team to MLB team but instead he has worked hard and has made himself into a solid pitcher. I saw a fire in him every time I watched a game he pitched in KBO. I saw him get tagged for a HR and I didn't see the Flexen from the Mets. I say something different. I saw,"Okay you got me. But this next batter isn't"."But it's Korea. What kind of talent level is there?" The same talent level that MLB teams are looking at when they Posted. Chris even won the MVP for the playoff series before the KBO Championship series. A first year, in a new country, player doing that? To me that's amazing. Oh did I mention he was the only pitcher to strike out at least 11 batters in back to back playoff appearances? 

I even hear there is buzz around Chris's name by MLB teams. Maybe Chris will be back in MLB next season. If he isn't so be it. But I'm proud of what my buddy was able to accomplish over seas.

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