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Thursday, November 19, 2020

LOLMETS and Robinson Cano


Robinson Cano busted for PEDs and suspended for the whole 2021 season. LOLMETS. Nope. No LOLMETS this time. This time when fans found out that Cano got suspended for next season without pay they were overjoyed. During the Wilpon ownership regime that $24 million smackers would have gone back into their pockets and not back into building up the team. The Mets aren't even getting an LOLMETS because Cano was brought in by his ex agent and fans had no attachment to this former NY Yankee player. Mets fans were looking at the possibilities of who the team can sign now and not worried about them paying for a middling pitcher or over pay for four at bats from Jed Lowrie. The Mets fans see a bright future and I think this Cano fiasco along with Steve Cohen buying the team has made the LOL in LOLMets obsolete.

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