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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

The Very First Thing I Want Steve Cohen To Do When He Takes Over.

 Everyone keeps thinking about the front office and player moves that they want Steve Cohen to make when he takes control over the Mets. I want him to do one thing as soon as he gets into the mega zord control room. I want him to pay Bobby Bonilla one lump sum of what he is still owed from his deferred payments. I know, I know, there are so many other things that should take priority over this like getting a Catcher or a Centerfielder. I am just so tired of hearing the same stupid it’s Bobby Bonilla Day hack joke that’s been going on for years. It was funny the first couple of timed but every year someone things they are funny about posting the joke. 

If Cohen pays this off  Bonilla in one lump sum, then one of the bigger things that the Wilpons made the Mets the brunt of jokes go away. This would be a quick, “This is done. Now we move on” kind of thing that would quiet down the Mets are jokes because they still pay a retired player even though other  teams do this also.

Steve Cohen please get rid of this hack joke for all Mets fans.

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