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Friday, September 11, 2020

@Metspolice says wear the first responders caps on 9/11

This post is from 2019 and it still hasn't changed.I took this whole post from from. He is 1000000% right in this.

Welcome to essay number 9000 about whey the Mets should WEAR THE CAPS on September 11th.
You can read yesterday’s piece about what happens ewhen you break the rules – you get a letter from Joe Torre if you break the rules (oooo scary).
And now we have this.  A team decided not to wear what they were supposed to.  The Cubs blew off dopey Players Weekend and took the field in blue caps.
Just noticed that Lance Lynn is wearing a black hat while the rest of the defense is wearing a white one -- is that an MLB rule for pitchers due to ball visibility concerns?
Yes. The Cubs wore blue caps today instead, but heard MLB sent a memo to the other teams telling them they had to go with white caps & black on pitcher.
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So once again, I say WEAR THE CAPS Mets. Come on Thor, you follow me, you don’t care what people think. Get Mr. Polar Bear behind this. Is baseball really going to have a whistling match with you guys over 9/11? I would LOVE to see that fight in the court of public opinion.
What’s going to happen to the Cubs? NOTHING. Some dude on the Cardinals took the field in a red cap. What will happen? Nothing. Maybe a letter from Joe Torre. Oooh scary.
What’s going to happen to the Mets? Torre will send you a letter (maybe), and he will  call and yell at Brodie or Jeff or someone. Who cares?  Actually Jeff getting yelled at it is reason alone to do it.
Mr. Thor, Mr. Polar Bear – you will get a letter from Torre.  Ooooh scary.  You will also be heroes forever. Here’s page 217 of your union’s CBA.


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