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Thursday, September 3, 2020

No Wilpons. You do not get to say any "words" about Tom Seaver.

Art by @Grafixjoker

I usually won't go an an attack like this, but no. ABSOLUTELY F'ING NOT!!!! You Wilpons are not going to get away with some kind words. These words ring hollow to me. In my honest opinion I don't really think you guys care about Tom Seaver or Tom's family. If you cared about what Tom Seaver meant to the Mets and Mets fans you would have erected a statue years about when Citi Field was first built. Not after years of nagging from folks like me, Shannon over at Metspolice, Greg Prince from Faith and Fear in Flushing and countless other Mets fans that know what Tom Seaver is the FRANCHISE. I am just old enough to remember seeing Seaver live pitching. I even got to interview him a few years ago for and I was starstruck. Just his aura had me speechless and I do not get start struck.

When I saw this statement from the Wilpons, my blood boiled. These guys have dropped the ball on so many things over the years that it has come to be expected as business as usual versus an anomaly.
So no, I don't believe this statement folks. The Tom Seaver Statue should have been built years ago. Tom Seaver Way should have been put into effect years ago. The accolades from Mets/Seaver fans should have been showered over Tom Terrific when he could have enjoyed it. Again in my opinion this is a horrible attempt at trying to get good PR and yet again the Wilpons have failed the Mets Franchise, the fans of Mets Franchise, and Tom Seaver aka The Franchise.

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