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Friday, September 4, 2020

Fans not allowed at pitchers mound in Citi Field Parking lot.

Guys, I am one of the first ones to kill the Mets when they do something stupid to the fans, but this isn’t on them for a change. Want to kill the Wilpons for not having a Seaver Statue not erected at least a decade go ahead. But MLB has protocols for Covid-19 going on right now so teams can play. They don’t want fans to be congregating at Citi Field. The entire parking main parking lot is closed off and only the lots by McFaddens and Lot G are open for front office and necessary workers.

I get that fans wanted to show respect to The Franchise but the lockdown over Covid-19 is beyond their control. I was there right before the season doing an interview on NY1 and the Mets and Mets security even after giving approval for the News Team to be there were worried about where they filmed. You can see the fencing here. You guys had a nice idea but like I said, can't kill the Mets on this one.

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