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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

For Mets Fans, Christmas came in September.

Here you go Mets fans. You got your Christmas in September. Only thing you have in front of you now is anticipation and  some nervousness until November. Will Steve Cohen get approved by the other MLB owners? I think he will. While they might be worried about his deep pockets and spending on free agency making the free agent market pricing jump a up a bit, he also did something to make them smile. He has made all the teams values shoot up a bit. Think of it as if someone in your neighborhood is selling a house a couple blocks away. It might be on a bigger lot(NYC) than your home (St Louis) but your home itself is very similar in layout, modern amenities, etc. This house that sold for a high number just brought up your price a bit because you can use it as a comp. Plus now that neighbor isn't in deep debt and the bank isn't going to foreclose on it and bring everyones value down. Also if you were friendly with that neighbor you don't have to lend him any more money if he asked for it. What I am trying to say is I think Cohen gets approved because it benefits MLB owners in the long run.

From the NY Post.
“I am excited to have reached an agreement with the Wilpon and Katz families to purchase the New York Mets,” was Cohen’s simple 20-word statement released through the team Monday afternoon. It caps a roller coaster for Mets fans who saw Cohen go from a certainty to out of the bidding entirely, then back in, and finally to where we sit now, with Cohen only needing 23 of baseball’s 30 owners to approve him.

Mets fans haven’t been this happy since Marty Barrett swung through a Jesse Orosco fastball on the evening of Oct. 27, 1986. The Mets won their second World Series that night, and stood atop the baseball world — but for many Mets fans, that team and that time symbolized something else: the one time the Mets were as one with the swagger of their city.

The Mets’ prior championship, in 1969, had been a feel-good paradox, good team and better fortune. It is hard to conjure anything representing New York City being an underdog but those Mets were. And in many ways, so have the good Mets teams that have followed — in 1999 and 2000, in 2006, in 2015. Much of that was the re-emergence of the Yankees after the close of the ’80s, re-staking a claim to the town’s baseball soul that’s held strong for close to 30 years; they cast an enormous shadow.Yes, he is worth that $14 billon, and as Forbes pointed out the next three richest baseball owners — Ted Lerner (Nationals), Christopher Ilitch (Tigers) and Greg Johnson (Giants) — are worth $13.1 billion combined. And Cohen will surely take advantage of that.
But what Cohen represents as much, for Mets fans, is an attitude. He is one of them. And all you need to do is look at his career: he loathes losing. It is anathema to him. And that makes him even more one of them.

And it’s that attitude that made him more appealing to Mets fans than the marriage of Sports and Page Six that J-Rod would have been, and certainly more than the plenty-rich guys who own the Devils. This is what Mets fans have craved. And this is what they get now.
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The NY DAILY NEWS seems to be Anti Wilpon now.

But Steve Cohen, operating the team like a normal(ish) big market franchise, or shoot — a normal anything — could slap his name on a check to JT Realmuto and push their already great offense to another level. Even if they didn’t nab Realmuto from the Phillies and simply refused to punt the most important defensive position in the game, the team could take a massive leap.
The pitching side further exemplifies this. If there was a team in need of a warm body or two capable of allowing three runs over six innings — basically Rick Porcello in better days — it’s the Mets. They don’t need to play in the Trevor Bauer market. They just need to not embarrass themselves on the days when Jake deGrom isn’t competing for Cy Young awards. Zack Wheeler is entirely on his own the gap between this year’s Mets and Phillies in the standings. Retaining a decent pitcher isn’t exactly going out and getting Gerrit Cole.
Here’s where the bar is for Cohen. Whether he keeps Brodie Van Wagenen or not, his predecessors couldn’t even spell BVW’s name right. Baseline competence is all that is needed here.
Take heart, Mets fans. Your team doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. They play in the largest media market in the country. The team has been in an 18-year tunnel, but all tunnels end. Greatness is attainable. For the first time in decades, Cohen’s entrance gives the chance to cross replacement level, and maybe, the finish line.
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