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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

@QBConvention: After the Mets Fan Fest Announcement

Heya folks. As everyone has digested what went on with the Mets and their announcement, I saw a lot of venom towards them. I get it. I also know that they were trying to do a good thing for fans but they seemed to have "Metsed" it up. Who knows, maybe they change up what they are planning after the backlash. My cousin Shannon over at Metspolice did a pretty good post on the reaction which you can read here. Shannon was one of the founders of the QBC who is no longer involved in the running of the QBC and I just wanted to be transparent about that.

Dan T and I would like to thank everyone with the outpouring of support for the QBC and I am really sorry that we haven't been as quick to announce players, panels, etc as we have in the past. You can read why here. We are not trying to tell you folks not to go to the Mets Fan Fest. As a Mets fan, we want all our fellow fans to get as much fun experiences under their belts as possible. 

As usual we will have out tickets up for sale on black Friday. We are hoping to announce more names today and tomorrow so everyone knows who they are going to see at the QBC next year. We can remind you right now that Jerry Koosman will be there and we feel that is a huge get.

Thank you for your patience and support. We have seen what you guys have been saying to the Mets about how they should have included us in the event/help run it and that makes us feel good know that we are doing something right. You guys are the best. Keep updated with us with this blog,, @QBConvention, @mediagoon, @dtwohig on twitter, and our facebook page.

Also if you want to buy some QBC Merch for you, family, or friends as maybe a Christmas/Holiday/Birthday gift, go to

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