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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Gofundme:Canada Opens Borders In The 1950’s, Welcoming African Americans To Play Semi-Pro Baseball

A buddy of mine hit a few of us up the other day about this project.

A couple years ago I wrote a piece about African American ballplayers who skipped across the border into Canada to play and make some cash. This was all in the post-Jackie Robinson era, as the Negro Leagues were folding. Well, now a production team in our friendly neighbors to the north are putting together a documentary on this very topic. But they need some financial assistance. If you'd like to see this documentary made, please fork over a few bucks to these Canucks, will ya? (If they get to make it I might even work on it, so you'd be helping me, too!) Thanks.- M.S.

NOVEMBER 13, 2019by William JonesOrganizer

This is a personal narrative, yet with a story line that people on both sides of the border will appreciate hearing.

My father, Collins Jones, moved from Macon (Georgia) and like many African Americans, came to a friendlier more receptive place to play ‘The Game He Loved’. As a Mulatto American living in Canada since the age of 4, I will venture out on a journey back in time to capture and share the more positive stories from players, their family members and all people who opened their homes and hearts along with the fans who came out to enjoy semi-pro baseball.

Everyone interested in history will recognize that a very important portion of Canada's sports history has been overlooked. They will experience and be surprised by the professional Canadian hockey players who also played semi-pro baseball with African Americans throughout the 1950's, creating Canadian – U.S. teammates and friendships that exist today.

Requesting Consideration of $30,000.00 Funding Support: These funds will assist with various stages necessary in documentary development; along with other potential funding partners, resources will be allocated towards research, budgeting, marketing and script preparation, broadcast teaser trailers and website development. The selected producers and writers have already contributed time, experience and resources towards this endeavor.

Funding objective (time frame) is the end of February, 2020.
Project Objectives:
• Production Financing Jan – March, 2020 (Phase One)
• Production / Editing April – November, 2020 (Phase Two)
• Broadcast air date targets will coordinate with Black History Month February 2021 (Phase Three)

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