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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Who thought Cano was going to suck?

From the NY POST.
Manager Mickey Callaway defended the veteran second baseman, who on Friday lost track of the outs and didn’t run from the batter’s box on a grounder back to the pitcher — allowing the Marlins to turn an inning-ending double play. Cano blamed the scoreboard at Marlins Park that incorrectly stated there were already two outs.  The Mets lost the game, 8-6.

With the Mets reeling, in a three-game losing streak that had pushed their record to 20-23 entering Saturday, Callaway could have benched Cano to send the player and the team a message. But the manager chose not to take such drastic action.

“It’s not about sending messages, it’s about doing what’s right and what’s wrong,” Callaway said before the Mets faced the Marlins. “We talked about it, and he understands that can’t happen again. You don’t just reprimand people to send a message to the rest of the team. You do things for the right reason. I think the team all understands what happened, and I know Robbie does and he has that expectation that can’t happen again.”
Cano said, “I have been running hard the whole year,” Cano said. “In that situation, like anybody, I made a mistake, but it’s not my mistake: It’s two outs on the board, so that is why I didn’t run it out. I don’t see why there’s a big deal about it when you guys have seen me all year run it out.

“I am the first one here to be ready, and I am always the one here to motivate this team. I will be the last guy not running out anything.
“If I knew it was two outs, it’s a different story for me. I would have run my ass off.”
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Who cold have predicted that Cano would be a bad trade? But we got Diaz. Great. Cano would have run his ass off? When has he ever run his ass off? Was it to try to avoid the PED suspension? The Mets need to be in the position to win to be able to use Diaz the right way. Btw talking about negatives, Frazier now jawing with fans after he's been crappy for the last season and most of this season? Come on dude. Who did you think you were yelling at? Did you think it was @metspolice?

McNeil should be at third. Rosario(if he gets his act together) at short. Lowrie should be at second if they ever find him in witness relocation program, Alonso at first and Ramos most of the time catching. I guess Mets  go with Gomez, Nimmo, and Conforto until the other guy Cespedes is found with Lowrie.

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