Thursday, May 16, 2019

MLB Commissioner Manfred seems to not care about MLB Fans.

Good to see it's not just the Yankees and Mets owners that sometimes don't care about their fans trekking to the ballpark is shitty rainy weather with their families and friends. I'll give kudos to the Mets for doing the right day when they postponed the Mother's Day game to August because of the rain. That was a great move. Now the league attendance is down. As @Metspolice has stated the MLB has no real stars. What saved baseball in the 90's after the labor strife? It was guys like McGwire and Sosa with what was basically a season long Home Run Derby brought the masses back. What is the MLB doing to make stars?

From the NY Post.
Manfred fired off a response letter a day after Councilman Justin Brannan (D-Brooklyn) suggested that MLB implement a new policy requiring umpires to call games once rain delays stretch more than an hour beyond the scheduled first pitch.
“The challenge that we face in scheduling and rescheduling is fitting each club’s 162 games into a span of 186 days, affording very few mutual off days for makeup games…,” wrote Manfred.

“We have a strong desire to play games as scheduled in order to complete our season on time and limit the demanding travel often associated with makeup games. For those reasons and others, a one-hour maximum rain delay before a postponement is impractical.”

Brannan’s office is also currently researching whether the City Council has legislative authority to require New York’s baseball teams — the Mets and Yankees — make its rain delay policies more fan friendly, The Post first reported Tuesday.

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Just do the right thing for the fans.

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