Thursday, May 30, 2019

@QBConvention's Lunch with Keith down to less than 60 tickets(extra autograph and inscription tickets added)

Less than 60 tickets are left for this great event that would also make a great Father's Day gift.

That's right folks!!! We have brought our talents to Mikkeller Brewery NYC!
We always have the QBC in January to hold of the doldrums of winter without baseball. Folks are always asking us if we are going to do any other events during the year. We thought about it and boy do we have a doozy for you guys. How does a luncheon sound with one of the most beloved players/broadcasters from Flushing. Can you guys guess who it is? That's right. Keith Hernandez. That's right. Keith promised to come out to see the fans since he got side lined in January with a really bad back and had to have surgery. He really wanted to come that day so he asked us to do a special June event with us.
This is going to be a smaller more intimate event then our premiere QBC in the winter. We only have 150 seats available.

Here are the details for the event.

June 15th, 2019. The panel and signing is from 11:30 to 2:30 pm. Doors will open at 11. Dennis Holden and John Saponaro are going to MC the event. The awesome Pete McCarthy is hosting the panel itself. Limited to 150 tickets.
This is what you get when you buy a ticket.
-You get admission into the event,
-A limited edition Dave Majo print for you to have signed by Keith
You can bring in an item to get a second auto from Keith
-A Keith Hernandez Topps Card,
-A photo with your camera with Keith at the signing table
-Oh and here's the best part, the lunch is included in the ticket. Mikkeller has some pretty awesome food and they offered us a killer menu. Mikkeller is setting up a buffet where food and soft drinks are included. The menu is....
BBQ Pulled Pork
Honey BBQ Chicken Wings
Mac and Cheese
Martin's Potato Bun Sliders
Soft Drinks- Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Beer, Hot Coffee

That's a pretty solid menu there.

You guys have really packed the hell out of this event. This has got to cost close to $500 per ticket. Well if you did get all these things separately, yeah you are looking at something like that. There is a famous memorabilia company that charges $120 for you to just send in for Keith's autograph alone. You are getting two autos ($240) The Panel itself($65), Majo Print ($100), Photo ($25),Topps Card(varies), and lunch ($30). It's a $460 dollar value. We are doing this all for $145 (plus tax and fees) a ticket. We tried to get the price down as low as possible while giving the most bang for the buck. The other thing we are doing is that you don't have to get up and wait on line to get your print and item signed. We will be calling you guys up table by table so you can continue eating and relaxing.
When I was at the Mets game on Saturday a few folks asked if they could buy extra autograph and inscription tickets. Dan and I kicked it around and we were able to work it out. We are making additional(limited amount) autograph and inscription tickets available online. We ask that you that if you are going to buy an additional autograph tickets that you limit it to one per admission ticket.  For inscriptions you can buy up to three tickets. One for print, one for additional item you are allowed to bring and one if you get an additional autograph ticket. Here are the breakdowns in pricing. 

We are offering an online  inscription ticket for Lunch with Keith Hernandez on June 15th. $7.20 plus tax/fees($10 total after tax/fees) online.Please only three per customer. Extremely limited. You need to have an admission ticket to event to use this inscription ticket. 

We are offering an online exclusive extra autograph ticket for Lunch with Keith Hernandez on June 15th. $33.74 plus tax/fees($40 total after tax/fees) online. Please only one to a customer. Extremely limited. You need to have an admission ticket to event to use this autograph ticket. 

The tickets are on sale now and we wanted to make sure that everyone who has already bought a ticket knows about the addition autos/inscriptions. Thatnk you guys for supporting us and we can't wait until June 15th to hang out with you guys and Keith. Keith Hernandez that is, not Keith being me. But you guys can hang with me too....

Dan and I want to do cool events like this for fans like us. We hope you guys will show up so we can do these once in a while plus the mothership QBC event in January.

Wow Mikkeller....Is there parking? 
Yes in Lot G.It is free just say that you are there for Mikkeller and the event. After the event you might have to move to a different lot though.

You can check out for info and tix or you can just go right here to buy tickets.

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