Thursday, May 9, 2019

Callaway calls out Mets, who calls out Callaway.

Mickey Callaway calls out Mets as it all gets uglier.

Thats the headline from the post this morning. Yeah the players have been slumping in the batter's box, but who is also putting out those lineups? Maybe you should sit Frazier down. Kind of funny how the team was doing pretty well while he was on the injured list. I also can't figure out how there are two pitching coaches on this team and they can't manage the bullpen.

From the NY Post.

Instead of building momentum, manager Mickey Callaway’s scuffling lineup lapsed into another slumber in completing this forgettable road trip with a whimper.
“What we’re doing right now is not acceptable,” Callaway said after the Mets lost 3-2 to the Padres at Petco Park on Wednesday for a fifth defeat in six games. “We have to do better. We can’t all of a sudden score a few runs one game and everything is OK. We have to continue to do it.”
Also not acceptable is some of the managerial choices you are making. Sit Frazier.

“We have been struggling offensively and [Nido] got one of our runs today and got another hit,” Callaway said in defending his decision to let Nido bat in the ninth. “We’re looking for answers and he stepped up at the plate and got half our runs. It was more about the way Nido was playing today than anything.”
Nothing against Nido but maybe you should figure that in that situation Nido doesn't have the Major League experience to deal with that pressure? Maybe see who off the bench could have been a better fit? 
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