Friday, May 10, 2019

New @Mets Backpack/Bag policy is stupid

Let’s see why they are doing this. More security theater. 

Why is this being done?
Enhanced ballpark security and a more efficient guest entry process are the driving forces behind this policy change. Fan security and overall experience at the ballpark for all of our guests remains our priority 
When is the effective date? 
Our new Bag Policy will go into effect on Monday, May 20, 2019 in conjunction with our game versus the Washington Nationals at 7:10pm.
Why backpacks? Can't a purse have just as many pockets to search, so why are you allowing that style bag? 
Backpacks have a lot of compartments and are cumbersome to inspect. While we understand that other bags could be just as large or have multiple compartments, we are able to limit the number of bags that fit that criteria by prohibiting easily identifiable bags such as backpacks. It allows us to screen guests faster and more effectively. 
Won't this slow down entry into the ballpark?
Eliminating backpacks from the possibility of entering the ballpark will only speed up the entry process as the bag scanning process will only improve with easier to search bags.
Does this mean I can't bring in my laptop? Diaper bag?
Tote bags, purses, diaper bags, drawstring, laptop & messenger style bags, along with small soft sided coolers, are bags that are still permitted into Citi Field as long as they are smaller than 16"x16"x8". They will be screened by security prior to entry. Laptops, tablets and other electronic devices are still permitted to be brought in with you to Citi Field. 
What else is being prohibited at Citi Field?
At this time, no other changes are being made to our prohibited items list. The contents that you were bringing in with you prior to May 20th will still be permitted as long as they are in an approved size and style bag. If you have any questions regarding a specific item, please review our security policies prior to departing for Citi Field foundhere
I am bringing my family to the game, can I bring in a bottle of water or juice box?
Guests may bring in one, soft, plastic, factory-sealed water bottle of 20 ounces or less. Guests may also bring in one sealed, soft-sided child's juice box. Note: Water bottles and juice boxes may not be frozen.
Can I store my backpack at Citi Field somewhere?
There are no bag check facilities inside of Citi Field so it is important to review the security policies
prior to departing for the ballpark. However, in the event that a guest is not aware of our enhanced bag policy prior to arrival, we will have temporary on-site locker rentals available and operated by a third party for a fee that can serve as a last minute solution. The locker rentals are being offered by an outside company and will be available two hours prior to the start of the game and then up to an hour after the game is completed.
I have medical needs, what am I supposed to do without being able to bring in my backpack? If for any reason your medical equipment cannot be stored or transported in any of our approved bags (i.e. tote bags or drawstring bags), exceptions to our bag policy can be made for backpacks used for ADA/medical/nursing reasons. Please see the Security Supervisor assigned to your entry gate to receive the proper permissions and credentials needed to bring your backpack prior to each game you attend. 
What if I purchase a backpack within Citi Field, what happens then? 
Backpacks will still be offered at our many retail stores within Citi Field. If you decide to purchase a backpack as a gift while attending a game, you will receive a Citi Field credential that will be attached to your newly purchased backpack that will give you permission to use that bag while on-site for that particular game. However, you will not be permitted to bring that backpack back in with you while attending any future games as the dated credential will be expired.
How many other MLB teams have a similar policy?
The New York Mets are the 6th MLB team to prohibit backpacks following the Astros, Cardinals, Nationals, Rays, and Tigers. 

So Mets this is stupid. It is more security theater. How did those Metal Detectors that were installed work out? You know the ones that would make us safer? Oh they don’t use them any more and went back to the wands? How long before they start selling the clear back packs that are branded okay to go in like the other stadiums like MetLife? This isn’t making anyone safer at all.  The Mets created a social media Fan Advisory board which I am a part of and with this they should have also created  a fan advisory board that they can actually ask about stupidity like this. Hope no one is coming from work with a bag that they need to take home. It’s a goddamn stupid policy that does nothing to help security.  Just when you think the Mets are getting better with the fan experience they regress.

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