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Friday, May 10, 2019

@mets new backpack policy part 2

I got of the phone with Fan relations  of the Mets. The guy I talked to is the “guy” when it comes to guest fan experience. The Mets realize that this is a nightmare right now and are going to try their best to have this experience be less of a pain then we all feel like it’s going to be. They think that the backpacks and security checking all the pockets is what is slowing down the lines and they see the lines being a bad thing not just for fans on line but possible safety. They don’t want to be a non friendly stadium but it seems like MLB is going to start trending this way. They said they are going to keep re evaluating this as it progresses and they realize the NFL has a similar policy but they also know the NFL isn’t a Monday through Friday sport also.

My question is now, if the Mets are worried about safety and  the long lines, what do they do with the long unsafe bobble head lines? Someone who wanted to do something bad doesn’t need to go through a metal detector or get denied wearing a backpack walking around the exterior of the stadium. How do they fix this?

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