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Monday, May 13, 2019

Mets Season Ticket Holder Perk Name on Dugout.

The Mets were all proud of this perk for being a season ticket holder. They put your name on top of the dugout. That’s all fine and dandy until as a season ticket holder you actually want to go down and see it. The problem with this is that the dugout is in the premium section where you can’t get down theee unless you have a ticket even before game times. I get that the folks who pay for their seats down there pay a pretty good penny for the seats and some folks would try to stay down there without tickets for that section. Here’s the problem though. How are the season ticket holders supposed to see their names on the dugout? The Mets told me well there is a replica one in the Season Ticket Plan Holders lounge. Problem with that is it’s not an exact replica and it also not on the dugout. Another suggestion was to reach out to your rep and they can walk you down. What if your rep is off or can’t make it down to walk you down? I have a few good suggestions for this.

Give a certain amount of time before the game to let the plan holders down to see it. Have either two greeters  or a two account reps work the section. Have one at up top to look at your ticket and have one by the dugout to make sure no one steps up on the dugout to try to snap a pic and to make sure folks stay down there for a few mins and then get sent back up top.

How about doing a digital print for the plan holders. One where they can download it so they don’t have to take a pic?

It just amazes me how the Mets can still not think ahead on how to figure out what might be a problem or not in the future especially with stuff they can control. One of the answers I got from the Mets were “Management is working on it”. How do you not see this as a possible problem with this kind of perk? God damn you guys can be so aggravating  at times.

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