Monday, April 3, 2017

T7LA: 2017 United we Cheer Video

The 7 Line
Published by Darren Meenan3 mins
As the sun is setting here in NY, the wait is finally over. When it rises, Opening Day 2017 will be upon us. The snow is melted, the grass is green and the table is set for quite the year. Rest your voice, hydrate, get a good nights sleep and join us in the morning bright and early to toast to a brand new year. A fresh slate. A new beginning. Hopefully the year we've been waiting to sink our teeth in to. Let's bring the freakin' THUN-DER for Noah and the boys. They deserve our cheers and we'll be front and center to give it to them. No matter where you're sitting, do your part to make Citi shake like never before. Let's wake the souls of Shea and demolish the Braves in this first of 162 in '17. LGM! LGM! LGM!

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