Friday, April 28, 2017

Mets: My Feelings on The Team

Who saw this coming? A team decimated by injuries. Can't hit. Can't get out of its own way. Mets Twitter all fired up. "it's because no moves in the off season. Sandy sucks. Terry needs to go". I get it guys. Still relax Give it until the second week in May before you set the tire fires. I still think the Mets medical staff needs to be evaluated over the last 10 years. Yes, they are some freak injuries here and there but some of the ones that could be avoided aren't. It seems the treatment schedule is never on point and something that is day to day becomes two to three months.

Did you guys see the BP video of Cespedes yesterday wincing with his hamstring after taking a swing? Guy was doubled over. He was pulled a few days ago because of the injury and you still let him go into the game? COME ON!

Some folks are blaming Harvey for not being "ready" to pitch at any time like a "big league" pitcher. In yesteryear that would be true. In today's game, pitchers all have routines and get used to pitching a certain way in a certain mind set. "Hey Matt, by the way you are pitching today for Noah. What? you were lifting weights? Yeah you'll be fine. You have three hours to get ready."

My cousin Shannon over a does the Terry Watch Watch. I wonder what level we are at today?

Did Tim Teufel get rehired as third base coach yesterday? Seems like it with some of the plays from Third to Home.

I'm going to DC with the 7line army tomorrow. Would love to get a win there. Also the7linearmy Doc done by SI is debuting at noon tomorrow on MLB network before the game.

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