Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PitchTalks: Brockmire Screening

They held this event over at the Bell House in Brooklyn. We actually shot an episode of Royal Pains there. Very weird when my blogging crosses into my real life.

First of all I want to thank the folks over at Pitch Talks for inviting me over to the event. I have been a Hank Azaria fan for years and always felt he should have a real breakout character. He was great in the Birdcage- he talked about how his character Augustus had a sequel written about him but wasn't made. That right there is shame. Back to Brockmire. This is going to be his breakout character. We got to watch the pilot and I couldn't stop laughing. And I am a tough, tough judge on comedies. Just ask Dennis Holden from my views.

Brockmire was a professional baseball announcer in Kansas City where a very rough event happens and he goes on air drunk and rages about it. It's hilarious. I really couldn't stop laughing. I really don't want to give too much away. I hate when reviewers do that. It pisses me off. Just go watch this show on IFC tonight at 10 pm. Or I hear the pilot is on ITunes already and getting a lot of hits. I think episode 2 is on tonight also.

Hank had a great Panel and bounced from different Simpsons voices throughout it. This guy is a real talent and I am glad Brockmire is getting well received. Only problem is it's on IFC. What channel is that on in Queens anyways?

- oh yeah. I am not writing this post in a positive view because I was asked to attend, I legit loved the show.
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