Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Fundraising: Help Keep Woodside Beautiful

I grew up in Woodside, lived here all my life and just had the new Mrs. move here. I want to keep seeing it be the place I grew up at. These guys do a big service for the community.

Over the past 6 years, your residents, under the organization name the Woodside Neighborhood Association, have sacrificed innumerable hours, time, manpower and their own financial resources for the restoration of the entire Woodside zip code at no cost to the taxpayer.

We have never at any time asked the wider community to assist us financially with this mission.  While a few individuals and local business enterprises have sustained us without prompting, the future growth of this bold and obvious endeavor cannot only be borne by so few forever.  Paint, soil, brooms and other basic implements all come with a cost.

As you have been witness to these past few years, this mission has increasingly involved more of our local youth, faith organizations and ordinary residents.  The cost for tools and supplies to continue building momentum for this venture is already mounting, which is likely to impede our operations, ones designed specifically to restore the confidence of our people through practical, meaningful, worthwhile and easily verifiable projects.

Now, therefore, I call upon you, the great and good people of Woodside and others across the wider world to allow us to capitalize our work for the next and succeeding years.  This assertion, you can rest assured, is based squarely on the mountains of evidence you already have in your possession.  Now is an appropriate time to contribute to our efforts, ones which we are proud to widen and deepen across the neighborhood.

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