Tuesday, January 10, 2017

T7LA: Spring Training Bowling

Bowling anyone? T7LA Spring Training.

We've got some really fun news to share with you guys. We worked out a deal with "Superplay" , which is down in Port Saint Lucie. It's the joint attached to Duffy's, THE bar and restaurant everyone hangs at during Spring Training. 
On Friday 3/10, we're going to rent the place out from 6-9pm. We'll be selling wristbands that'll cost a very affordable $15 each. This will get you unlimited bowling (shoe rental included), mini golf, and laser tag. It'll be a private event, so for entry, you'll need to pre-buy through us here on the website. On sale date/time coming soon.
So, why are you doing this? Couldn't we have just shown up and paid on our own? There's no shot we'd be able to hang together without renting the place out. There's just too many of us and the spot is already super busy on a Friday night during Spring Training.  
What else is there to do besides bowling / mini golf / laser tag? For starters, there's a bar. Not many stools, but they have a couple high tops as well. Each bowling lane (there are 48 lanes total) will also have waitress service. There's also an arcade, but those games are not included in the $15 entry. 
So what's in it for The 7 Line? Nothing but a good time. We're just trying to organize a fun event and give fans something to do besides the game, because PSL is a sleepy town, especially if you're not a golfer. Full disclosure, we have to pay for 400 wristbands no matter what. Even if we only sell 100. It's a gamble, one on which we might actually lose money, but we're taking all the risk. They're charging us $10 a head, but we have our website and credit card fees (or PayPal fees depending on how you pay) for every transaction. 
If enough fans who actually know how to bowl want to set up a little $ pool, we can do that too. Thinking highest score during the three hours, winner takes all. Anyone in for that? 
BEST NEWS? IF WE SELL ALL 400 WRISTBANDS we'll be putting every $1 above breaking even in to an open bar/food tab for everyone to use until it's dry.
If we don't sell out, we lose out, but at least we gave it a shot..... 
Hope you guys are in to it! Just two months away! This will be an awesome way to kick off the weekend and mingle before the outing the next day.

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