Wednesday, January 4, 2017

QBC'17: Meet The Mets (Execs) Hosted By @Metspolice

From Shannon over at Metspolice

"Hey Gang,

I am hosting the Meet the Mets Executives panel at the 2017 Queens Baseball Convention on January 28th (get tickets get tickets get tickets)
I haven’t yet been told which executives, but usually it’s the nice folks from marketing and ticketing. The spirit of the day is to celebrate baseball in Queens, and the past sessions (I’ve hosted this before) have been pretty cool, informative, and one time we even found out early they were gonna go all in on 1986 stuff.
If you were me, what would you ask them? Take the conversation to Mets Police on Facebook and again this is a positive event, so no need for hostile questions.
One thing I do want to discuss with them is the decision making process behind Saturday scheduling. Now on the blog I’d probably make some snarky comment, but that’s the blog, and as I explained on twitter earlier the blog is over the top snarky by design – you’ve read the internet, right? In person the phrasing is likely to be “I hear from a lot of fans who would prefer to have more Saturday Day Games. Can you explain the schedule making process, how TV factors in, and why the Saturday 1pm game seems to have disappeared.”
So if you got Qs like that – send em my way via Mets Police on Facebook. See you in person on the 28th at the 2017 QBC."

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You can get tickets here.
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