Wednesday, January 11, 2017

QBC'17: Queens Baseball Convention Plug


Hey guys we are getting closer and closer to the QBC'17 which is going to be held at Katch in Astoria on Jan 28, 2017. If you guys have missed QBCs in the past, here is your chance to go now.

Bobby Vip Package- SOLD OUT

The $75.00 2000 World Series Ball package that includes admission, QBC collectors pin, 2 autographs, price of admission and the only package left with fast pass access.. You get to jump the line to get the autographs. As of writing this at 10 pm Wednesday night, there are FIVE of these left. Grab this now!!!

The $55.00 package I feel is a great deal. Admission plus two autographs and QBC collectors pin.

The $40 package includes admission, choice of autograph from either Bobby V or Teufel and a Teufel Baseball Card and "Groucho" glasses. THERE ARE SEVEN LEFT OF THESE- Cheapest ticket available as of now

The $35 package have SOLD OUT.

There will be a chance to buy additional autographs the day of the QBC but if I were you I would just get the $55 package because that will be cheaper then getting a $35 or $40 ticket plus an addition autograph ticket.

Also, just so you guys know, we aren't going to do what a lot of events that do signings do. It is one flat price for the autograph. We are not up charging for game used gear, bats, balls, jerseys, etc. Flats are the same as equipment.

Here is the schedule-

It's a fun time had by all. We do this as fans for fans because this what we would want to see if we went to a Fan Fest from the team in Queens.

Mr Met has just been announced to be at QBC 17. Maybe we can get the scoop on the Mr Met vs Thor twitter war....

Sandy and Peewee from the Brooklyn Cyclones will be there.

I also have good word there will be some  amazing rare objets that collectors will love that will be used as prizes for games...

Want tickets? More Info?  Click here

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