Monday, January 16, 2017

QBC'17: Special Charity Ticket Package

The Bowling event is tonight 1/16/17. The QBC'17 is Saturday 1/28/17.

I ran into Nelson Figuerora the other night at my place of employment. If you guys read this, you know I work in the film business and it's weird when baseball life interacts with my professional life. 

Darren from let me know about the Bowling Charity event that Figuerora is having Monday night a few days ago and I posted about it earlier this week. I know I'm rambling. Anyway, I started talking to Nelson and I asked him if he could use any more prizes for the online auction or the event night. I know the 7line donated home game tickets for the event so I asked if they would want a QBC tickets to put up too.

This link is to the QBC package. There is a couple of cool things added to this.

Click here   

There are also some other cool experiences such as a pitching lesson with Nelson Figuerora, Tix to Mets game and meeting various Mets players and memorabilia.

To get the pitching lesson go here-

And the Bowling event is here.

I'd love to be able to go but, I'll be at work.

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