Tuesday, January 24, 2017

QBC'17: Ticket Update -$40 NO FRILLS TICKETS--- and Jerseys?

To be fair to those who have bought before you guys, we are not going to give you the special $35/free autograph price. Some of you say the $55 dollar tickets are too much( I still think this is the best deal. 2 autos and QBC PIN) so we had a confab and decided to give you the no frills tickets.

$40 gets you in the door. Thats it. You want an autograph, it is going to cost you.

Get your tickets and info here at queensbaseballconvention.com

I also have unearthed some brand new exclusive QBC'16 jerseys in storage the other day when I was prepping for the QBC..... These are only given out to our volunteers so they are very rare. Who knows if this thing ever picks up, you might have some very unicorn type memorabilia.... The 86 was there to rep 1986 in 2016....

I am going to put them up on eBay. Only way to get them is local pick up at Katch in Astoria during the QBC. I am offering these to only people who are attending the event.

Size Small

Size Medium

Size Large

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