Thursday, January 5, 2017

Matt Cerrone: The NY Mets Fan Bucket List Book

A lot of you guys crap on Matt. If it wasn't for Matt Cerrone, a lot of in roads bloggers made with the Mets Organization wouldn't have happened. I never would have been taken seriously by the Mets as a voice that they listen to about fan experience. So I thank Matt for making us bloggers(the ones that don't regurgitate the same crap at least) legit in the eyes of the Mets. Now that brings me to the point of this post. Matt's new book! I know Matt mined the brains and experiences of a lot of Mets fans for this book.

- I preordered mine and you guys should
To the same. Can't wait to read this.

Pre order by clicking here.

Matt is also moderating the Bobby Valentine Panel at the QBC'17 this year as well as being a panelist on the State of the Mets panel. Come check it out....

Tickets available at

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