Tuesday, January 17, 2017

QBC'17: Ticket Discussion


Someone was complaining on twitter yesterday that the $55 ticket package was the only ticket package that was left. We had $35, $40, $55, $75, $100 price points. We posted about the ticket inventory every day. We gave a countdown about how many tickets were left in each category. We gave you guys months to buy tickets at various price points. I will let you guys in on something. We don't make any money on this event. We try to break even. The players do not come for free. The venues aren't free. The sound guys aren't free. We do this because as fans we want to see something we would attend. The Mets don't run this. The fans do. We as an organization try to be as fair with the pricing as possible. We get sponsors to help with the cost. The QBC is an event that three Mets Fans put together on their free time while working full time and balancing life.

I will give you some of the comments we get over on the Facebook page.

"I pass Bobby  Tim don't attract and 1/2 the people that show up for this will be wacko like the fans who show up for games 3 hours before gates open for no reason at all except their nuts 😜. Better & Bigger lineup of Mets being present would attract me more and I would be happy to pay more as well if that were the case."

My head hurts.

"This is a scam we should have a real number of players in queens sign autographs for us after all these years"

This guy thinks this is run by the Mets and not fans I guess.

Let's go to twitter now

We have the one usual troll who every year says the same thing that the Mets run this. I would love for the Mets to back us.  From what I hear, because of the past disinterest in the Winter Caravan the Mets feel the fans won't show up. We are trying to prove them wrong. We want to show that this would be a worthwhile event for the Mets to be doing. We would love to be able to bring you current players from the team. If there is a multimillionaire to invest in the QBC we would love to talk.

We had someone tell us it isn't ideal and that there aren't any $35 dollar tickets and that they were planning on going to the QBC for months and and now they won't go. There was plenty of time to get the $35 tickets and plenty of warning about low inventory.

Sorry. The tickets sold out. $55 tickets are still available. If you would still like to come to QBC and have a some baseball in your life until Spring Training please visit queensbaseballconvention.com

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