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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mets: This Sounds Familia


I don't know what happened with the Mets closer yet, and neither do you. Can we just wait until all the facts are out there before we throw the book at Familia? It's just like the post I wrote when Reyes got arrested for Domestic Violence. Let the evidence be sorted out first. If he did something bad, he should be punished. If he didn't do anything then he shouldn't be punished.

This stuff that is going on with athletes and their significant others is just sickening.

And I am no way in condoning DV in anyway, I just wish to know what happened to innocent until proven guilty and having your day in court...


Guidelines on Police Response Procedures in Domestic Violence Cases 
Issued October 1991
Revised November 1994

You can read up on the guidelines here.

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