Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mets: Where Are They Now? Mo Vaughn

It's good to see a baseball player do well for himself after his career in baseball.
From the NY POST
“I unfortunately didn’t play well in New York,” Vaughn told The Post in a recent interview. “However, I have been fortunate to make my name in New York as a businessman, and that’s just as fulfilling.”
Yes, while keeping a decidedly low profile in the 13 years since he left baseball, the 48-year-old Vaughn has found a niche in business across a variety of platforms. In 2004, Vaughn founded a real estate company that has extensive holdings in the New York City boroughs, and in 2010, launched a trucking company in Cleveland, where he now resides with his wife, daughter and son. In his latest venture, he’s become the face of a big-and-tall clothing company.

Now Vaughn is banking on that nostalgia since he has traded out the jersey and cleats for a blazer and loafers. He returned to New York on Oct. 18 to celebrate the launch of his latest project, MVP Collections, a menswear line that caters specifically to big and tall men.
“There was nothing out there for guys my size,” Vaughn said, “so, I thought, ‘Why not create a brand that fulfills those needs?’ While I’ve been able to afford clothes that fit me, a lot of other people out there haven’t had it so easy.”

Check Out his clothing line here

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