Thursday, November 17, 2016

The7Line: T7LA Plan Holders Exclusive Jersey

This year plan holders can vote on which jersey that we will wear at the 7line home games.

I personally like the Camo one made up by little NYs more then the pinstripe one.


Nov 17, 2016
We have two available options for The 7 Line Army's 2017 jersey, and we are super excited to give you the voice to choose while one we'll wear. These will be included with everyone's season ticket.

We're still working on a "replica" style that will be available for purchase separately that should closely resemble the winning option. So, even if you aren't joining us for the season, you'll still have the chance to grab a similar version.

THE POLLS ARE NOW OPEN! Voting will end at noon on 11/25. Choose wisely!


Version 1 has an orange body with blue pinstripes. A little tough to tell in the photo. Here is a closer look.


Version 2 is a camo pattern made up of different shades of orange NY Mets logos. Sharp custom look.

Vote here

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