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Friday, November 4, 2016

Mets: Cespedes

Cespedes. Cespedes. Cespedes. This is the name that we are going to be hearing a LOT of. A Lot.

Everyone wants to sign him. Everyone. And yep, I get why. He can carry a team with his bat through most of the season when he is locked in. "Pay him" "Pay him whatever he wants. Don't be cheap Wilpons!". These people declaring this are going to be the same folks at the end of a contract yelling, "He sucks, trade him, why isn't he retiring yet, stupid Wilpons signing him for so long!"

I hope they do sign him. Yep I changed my stance from last year when I said Cespedes prove me wrong. He mostly did and I can eat crow.

So try to sign him. Sign him to a nice contract where it's not too long term. Make sure there is going to be money down the road to sign the pitchers that need to be signed and just make smart baseball and business decisions.

Yep. Think that's all I have to say on this for now.

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