Thursday, October 6, 2016

Mets: Wild Card Loss

- Can't blame Thor. He pulled his weight.

- Mets just couldn't hit with men on. Partly due to the pitcher they were facing, partly due to the Mets being like that all season long.

- Was Familia used right last night? Has he been overused all season? Are the comparisons to Benitez fair?

- That was some great catch by Granderson.

- The Mets making the post season after how horribly they played in stretches along with the injuries was a miracle in itself.

- Am I upset? Nope. Bummed a bit yes. But I'm hoping this builds again for next season. This team can be a perennial entrant in the post season if Mets management does the right thing personnel wise.

- Why do the Mets have so many back injuries?

- I again had a fun season this year. I really enjoy going to the games with my extended family. Even though the Mets lost, I am cool with. The Mets not going deeper into the playoffs.

- How are you guys feeling?

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