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Monday, October 3, 2016

Mets: Statues(or lack there of)

When I was down in Philly on Friday I was enjoying myself walking around the ballpark and it hits me again that the Mets won't have any statues for any former players, former owners, former announcers, etc.

Jeff Wilpon has come out and said they won't do any statues. Wait let me fix that. Jeff said that they have no plans to do statues at the ballpark. The Wilpons have no plans for statues but were all ready to build another mall over the parking lot where Shea stadium was(google it). But for some reason can't figure out how to build a statue.

As I was walking out of the Citizen's Bank Ballpark I over heard someone talking about the lack of statues in Flushing. "Seaver deserves a statue at Citi." As soon as I heard this and it started a great convo and made me think about writing this post again.

I think there should be a statue with Seaver pitching to Piazza. Just a thought

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