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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Mets: Shea Wall Piece

Might be good if you wanted to start getting autographs from the QBC

Shea Stadium items from the Mr Shea Stadium dot com collection! Most of the Shea Stadium items we are listing are discounted up to 50% off the Mr Shea Stadium web page prices! Each item comes with a Letter of Authenticity from Mr Shea Stadium dot com!
This bid is for a 1 foot by 1 foot section the New York Mets outfield wall panel. This is part of the blue cover that was the outside wrap over the inside padding. This was the outside part of the wall that all would see. See the photos provided for samples of the walls while they were up in Shea. 
Note: Some are dirty or some might have small punctures from players cleats 
If you can not afford a large wall or don't have the room for one, this is your chance to own a part of Shea Stadiums outfield! We have for you a nice small section that can be framed or put up on a wall as is. Nice small items from Shea Stadium. 
Great item for Mets players autographs!
Only the blue panel in the photo is for this bid! (The ball is to help see the panels size)
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