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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Mets: Wild Card Game. Ready?

I can't make it to the game tonight due to work and a late start time in the middle of the week doesn't help me when I have to be up at 3 am so I can be on set by 5 am. But I am stoked.

I am going to admit it, just like I have been saying all season long, I didn't expect the Mets to be in the playoffs again. It's rough on a team going 162 games plus multiple rounds in the playoffs plus spring training again. I can see a team being tired or injured. What I didn't see is how injured the Mets were going to be this season. The Mets when they looked totally out of it pushed through and ended up with the Top Wild Card Spot for the NL.

We all know how the season played out. We all know the storylines. We all know the injuries, then players who have stepped up, the gaffes, the highs, and the lows. No rehashing here.

I am glad the team is in the WC game. I am happy we as a fan base get another game. I am damn happy that we can cheer one more time this season. I am going to enjoy listening to the game tonight. It's a great pitching matchup. What's not to enjoy?

I want all my fellow fans, my @the7linearmy brethren, and any young future die hard to enjoy the hell out of this rag tag team. Remember we are thirty years out from the last championship. Maybe this is the magical year. Maybe this is where the stars align. Maybe this is when we can go down to the canyon of heroes and celebrate with each other and finally get the happiness of having a championship after all these years of heartbreak.

Let's Go Mets!!!! Let's Go Mets!!!! Let's Go Mets!!!! Let's Go Mets!!!! Let's Go Mets!!!!

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