Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Mets: David Wright's Future

Since last year's post season, something has bothered me. It's David Wright's spinal stenosis. I was hanging out with some folks close to Wright and they told me how bad his back really is. It is really bad according to them.

Now I'm not bothered by the fact his skills have diminished a bit. Wright is still an above average player but with the amount of time he had missed the last two seasons, I worry about David Wright the person. How close is he from his next swing being his last? The next time he goes down physically will it mess up his quality of life in the future?

In baseball terms Wright is at the top of the career hill and looking to head down into the valley of age but he's still young guy in "real life". I don't want to see his life impacted for the rest of his days because of baseball.

I hope if Wright hears from the doctors that the back isn't getting better that he does the right thing for himself and his family.

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