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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jerseys: Majestic Loses MLB Jerseys

This irks me. Fine. The diaper on the jersey this year was hated by a lot of folks, me included, but Majestic was a good solid brand. They made nice jerseys, had good customer service and would rarely mess up an order. I have heard of maybe two orders messed up over the last couple years. And if that order was messed up, Majestic fixed it quickly.

@metspolice took great glee in telling me about the new Fanatics/Under Armour deal. Now I have nothing against Under Armour but my experience with Fanatics over the years has been lass the stellar.

There was this one time that I ordered a David Wright Jersey that has the Japanese patch on it. What did I receive for my $300? A university of Virginia women's t shirt. It took me six months to get my money back. Also there was that whole debacle when the Rangers were in the Stanley Cup Finals and screwed up with their pricing on the jerseys. They had the them at $50 a piece and they capped out the number that they would fulfill these to at a few hundred. The crappy thing is a guy ordered a 100 and they fulfilled his order but told people who ordered one or to that here we are sorry, have a $10 gif card.

I have also seen the shoddy work that they do on customization. There is no quality control and orders often get cancelled because they don't get enough of the item ordered by customers.

In other words, I don't trust this company due to my experiences with them at all. Maybe your experiences have been different with them? Let me know. I want to be fair.

Maybe they'll change. I doubt it. Hopefully everything is handled by Under Armour and I can order directly through them.

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