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Friday, October 14, 2022

Willets Point Development.


Anyone else wondering what is going on with the 126th Street Willets Point development? The last bit of info I could find is from the April 6th board meeting.  This is basically just an update of what's going on with cleaning up the site, the infrastructure and what is next.

▪ ProjectOverview&History

▪ RemediationUpdates
▪ Phase 1 Progress
▪ Phase 2 Investigation Completion

▪ NextSteps

Project Overview


  • ▪  61 acres (23 of which are City-owned) situated between Corona & Flushing

  • ▪  Proximity to 7 train, LIRR, major highways, LaGuardia Airport, Citi Field, & Flushing Meadows Corona Park


  • ▪  Creation of a new mixed-use, mixed-income community

  • ▪  Cleanup of the area and surrounding waterways

  • ▪  Place to live and work as well as a destination for visitors

  • ▪  Generator of economic growth for Queens


(61 acres)

Phase 2

(~17 acres)

City-owned property (~23 acres)

Phase 1

(~6 acres)

Willets Point – Queens CB7 Quarterly Meeting, April 2022 

I'm not going to bother you all on about what's going on here in this post, but I'll let you guys read all the other updates here.

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