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Saturday, October 8, 2022

NY Mets: About last night.


Well that game last night was something. Is Scherzer hurt? Did he just not have it? Was he having a bad day that he just never has?

Did the black jerseys and the air of losing they bring with them curse the Mets for the night? “The black jerseys bring swagger”. Please go look up the win loss record since the Mets brought them back. Someone tweeted that the Mets might be angering the Baseball Gods by wearing these jerseys for the opening game of this series.

The Mets could have pulled this game out if they just didn’t leave men on base when Darvish wasn’t locked in the first few innings. Hopefully tonight they can step up and even the series so us fans get more time to hang together and cheer for our team.

Don’t forget about the QBC coming up on December 3rd. We well be all be able to talk about the season, either celebrating a World Series win or commiserating in a possible great season but bad playoffs. Bartolo Colon, Howard Johnson, and RA Dickey will all be doing panels and signings. SNY will be there with Hot Stove and The Mets Pod. And the NY Post is being their Amazin But True Podcast.

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