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Friday, October 28, 2022

Brandon Nimmo Should Be Signed


Brandon Nimmo. Free agent. Home Grown. Hard working player. One of the best outfielders the Mets have. Always grinding. Always a good guy. Been a guest at the QBC. Fans wanted to vilify him over who he donated to politically. Fans wanted him off the team. Fans forgot about it because he played well. Fans see Mets get Sterling Marté. Fans say Nimmo has to move to corner spot. Marté goes to corner spot. Nimmo becomes one of the best centerfielders this year. Makes some ridiculous catches in the outfield and has solid numbers at the plate. Fans want him to be resigned by the Mets. Free agency is happening. Rumors about the Rockies looking at Nimmo for $20 mill per year.

Okay that’s a quick synopsis about Free agent Brandon Nimmo. $20 million per year for Nimmo? All I have to say is do it. You have a good guy in the clubhouse. He’s a leader on the field. He busts his ass playing and gives it his all when he is playing. He’s a perfect fit with this team he’s on of those pieces you can build around that’s home grown. The Mets would usually chase a guy like this from another team and overpay for him and then he ends up not being a good fit. Do it. Do it now!!!

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