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Friday, October 7, 2022

Where is the Mets playoff buzz?


Anyone else feel this way? It doesn’t seem like there is much of a buzz for this wildcard series with the Mets. They have players telling fans that they need them to buy playoff tickets. They have a lane slogan #TheseMets. It just doesn’t seem like the excitement in 2015. Maybe it was because in 2015 the team wasn’t supposed to go as far as they did and the excitement just kept growing?

I was talking to my cousin Shannon over at last night and I threw out three factors that could be a reason. 

1) a lot of the fans that would buy playoff tickets are the front running fans that would want to be cool and be at the Mets playoff games and the series with Atlanta took the wind out of their sails.

2) The OG Mets fans have slipped into the Same Old Mets Funk after the Braves series. Why put your heart/money into this just for the team to let you down in the playoffs again. I feel the Braves sweeping the Mets derailed the Mets fan momentum into the playoffs even if the Mets played well and swept the Nats.

3) The pricing of the tickets are really high. A family of four more than likely can’t afford four playoff strips. I feel MLB has priced out their fans from the Playoffs. Sure they can grab tickets off of a third party site or buy any available single game tickets from the Mets. 

Buying the ticket strips at those prices are scary especially what is going on with this economy.

Maybe I’m wrong but I just don’t feel the electricity that I felt in 2015, 2000, or 1986.

Here’s an honorable mention reason. Maybe the games are too long and the start time for the games are not the greatest to help grow fans. This is the chickens coming to roost  of the last couple of generations of young folks that weren’t turned into baseball fans because MLB ignored the fact that they weren’t getting to the younger folks and trying to make them into fans.

I can’t go to tonight’s game and I had a hard time selling my tickets at the discounted rate under face value. It’s crazy.

That being said Let’s Go Mets.

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