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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

QBC 2022: Gil Hodges "Unforgettable Fire" Award Recipient is...


The Queens Baseball Convention is proud to present the Gil Hodges "Unforgettable Fire" award to someone who has been with the NY Mets since 1980. Someone that you have never heard a bad word about from anyone in the organization. Someone that worked tirelessly for years with the players and folks in the front office. Someone that is a beloved figure buy coworkers, friends, and Mets fans. This person has been able to reconnect alumni with the Mets organization. This person has a memoir out about their life. This person is still grinding at work even though though they could ride off into the sunset if they wanted to. We have heard so many great stories about how helpful this person is to all those around him. This person tries to elevate the folks around them by just being themselves. If there was anyone to invoke the spirit of Gil Hodges to receive the Unforgettable Fire award the year Gil has been inducted into the hall of fame. It is this man. The one and only Jay Horwitz. When asked Jay if he would 

Come join us at The QBC on Saturday December 3rd 2022 to honor Jay.

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