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Sunday, August 7, 2022

Fight Breaks out in crowd at Citi Field during Mets/Braves Game


This is straight up ridiculous. I know Citi Field has cameras all over the place and that they can pick up stuff like this, and security in the past has come down to sections quickly for a guy not wearing a shirt, but don't mobilize quick enough for this?

I know it's not all the Mets Security's fault that this happened. I do know there is a sense of lawlessness that has been happening more and more in NYC and now it has trickled down into Citi Field. "But there has always been fights at sporting events." Doesn't make it right. This is also why for years I have been saying that they need that fan service/security number all over the place at Citi Field. In the past I was told it's good enough that they show it one time before the game before the fans all get in the stadium. I have an idea, why not put it on the backs of the chairs? 

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