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Sunday, August 7, 2022

I heard that Traffic/parking sucked at Citi Field yesterday.

 Mets. Mets. Mets. What went on with the parking situation yesterday between games sounds like a horror show. How did you guys figure folks were going to be able to leave the parking areas while folks were coming  in to park? The traffic leaving after a game is horrendous to begin with then you add the incoming traffic all I can see is trouble. It’s so bad me and my friends hang out in the parking lots until it dies down. 

It’s hard enough entering the stadium parking lots at times to get into games also.I can just imagine the vortex of bad drivers, overwhelmed parking attendants, cops giving traffic direction that always seem ass backwards. Oof. I am glad I didn’t go to the game(s).

I wonder if the Mets could have talked to the parks Dept about using the parking lots over in Flushing Meadows to help ease some of the traffic. I am sure there was a reason but I just don’t get how you can let this chaos happen.

Come on guys do better.

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