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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mets show where the vaccinated sections are.And they suck.


Hey Mets fans make sure you get vaccinated so you can get seats in some of the worst sections of Citi Field! The Mets told you they would reward you for getting vaccinated if you were in the fence by allowing more folks in the stadium in vaccinated sections. They never said it was going to be seats that you can see the whole field. I used to have tickets in the 500s in Left Field and you can’t see the left fielder or any balls hit in that direction. 

I know we are still in the pandemic but they couldn’t figure out any better seating for vaccinated folks? We must be getting back to some type of normalcy if I am back to bitching about some of the really crappy views of Citi Field. 

There has to be a better way to set this up for folks who are vaccinated. There is nothing in the 300s? And maybe it would make sense to spread out the non vaccinated folks in the uppers? There is def more space and open air up there.

What do I know? It must be the geometry of the ballpark.

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