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Saturday, May 8, 2021

Mets Raccoon/Rat Gate


It seems like the mythical NY Mets Raccoon is back. Now in real life over the years I have heard that there is a family or families of raccoons living in Citi Field

Everyone is all up in arms about what really went on in the clubhouse tunnel and are pissed that they might have been "lied" to by Lindor about what really went on in there. It was behind the scenes and fans/reporters don't need to know what really went on. Maybe it was Godzilla in there and Lindor thought it was Kong and McNeil told him no, it is Godzilla. 

I don't care if maybe McNeill and Lindor had words or more than words with each other. They seem to have worked it out if there was anything and Lindor gave an answer which basically said "We aren't telling you what went on if something did go on." My fave part of the presser was one of the reporters asked Lindor if he ever saw a rat before and the response was, "Of course. I grew up on Puerto Rico."


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